Financial Advisory

We work together and create new financial strategies with our services such as financial analysis, strategic planning, valuation, modeling, restructuring to expand your business and help make most effective financial decisions and we stand by your side to be your long-term business partner.

Financial Analysis

We analyze the current financial structure of the company carry out financial analysis including details of sales, profitability, working capital and financing structure. We reinforce this study with customer visits and thus, enable an assessment of the general health of the company.

In addition to financial statement analysis, we conduct an overall observation of cash flow performance and how your company’s financial processes are managed, while also preparing a risk assessment of your financial processes.

Within the scope of our Financial Analysis, we help you evaluate your company’s financial performance objectively and support you in taking the right actions in areas open to improvement.

Strategic Planning

After detailed financial analysis, we examine your company’s medium-long-term goals and development areas in detail. In light of the outputs of the financial models configured based on various variables, we contribute to effective strategic decision making and action processes.

With these services, we aim to provide you with a clearer and better planned perspective based on accurate and reliable determinations in your decisions that you will take for the future.


We determine the sale/purchase price or the impact of significant steps that will be taken on the value of assets by carrying out a valuation study of your company, business line or intellectual property.

In addition to analyzing financial and operational opportunities, we provide a valuation service in accordance with international valuation standards (Discounted Cash Flows, Net Asset Value, etc.) by examining the impact of strategic decisions.

This service supports our customers in the strategic planning and decision-making process.


Within the scope of our Financial Modeling service, by taking into consideration your opinions and assumptions concerning your company or project, we prepare specific financial modellings including estimations regarding the activity and borrowing structure, investment plans and the effects of sectoral developments. Thus, we help you create your roadmap for the future.

Financial Restructuring

Within the scope of our Restructuring service, we provide support to the companies which have suffered a poor financial performance. We become your professional solution partner on issues that need rehabilitation by conducting an objective assessment of the company’s financial performance and sustainability of the structure.

In addition, we evaluate alternative financing sources and provide financial projections within the scope of debt restructuring proposals according to your needs and determine restructuring strategy.