Maritime Services

Ship Finance, Chartering, S&P, Ship Management Services are provided with professional approach and global partners. SYS advisory has been working with the first priority being customer requirements over many years’ experience.

Ship Finance

SYS Advisory’s strategic aim is the development of integrated business relationships with clients, catering to their financing, consulting and investment needs. We assist to shipowners to expand their businesses with local and international banks in line with the following services.

Information Memorandum

Presenting to banks, we prepare an information memorandum (IM) which include current financial statements and analysis of the firm or group, market conditions, projects of the company and future cash flow projections. Considering the added value of the purchasing asset to firm’s financial statements, we help to make decision “buy” or “not” and create the roadmap for the future.

Shipping Term Loans

Whether we consider structured financing or “straight” term loans against acquisition of newbuilding or second-hand ships, our added value lies in the ability to assess the market environment, and provide tailor-made, competitive solutions accommodating a client’s specific financing needs.

Credit Lines

The competitive nature of the shipping market often necessitates the immediate availability of funds for the acquisition of suitable ships. In this regard, credit lines may be provided, structured against financing predefined types of ships.

Syndicated Facilities

The capital-intensive shipping industry often requires large financing packages. Local presence, market expertise and a wide relationship network with dedicated shipping banks enable the Bank to arrange sizeable syndicated transactions.

Sale & Purchase (S&P)

We represent financial owners as sellers of vessels, institutional owners. We have an exceptionally strong access to buyers and sellers of vessels and shipowners and a demonstrable strong record of delivering superior performance and pricing and have executed impeccably on the delivery of the vessels and change of ownership.

Whether tankers, dry bulk, containerships or our clients can depend on us to maximize the sale price and added value.

Vessel Valuations

Freight market volatility and an ever-changing regulatory environment, can affect vessel values, which can have a cascading impact for accounting, auditing, financial, and loan documentation assignments. The Market Comparable Approach is the widely accepted method for Fair Market Value (FMV) for loan documentation and loan-to-value covenants.

We monitor the shipping market conditions and recent sales closely and consider these situations in our valuations. Besides FMV, we value the vessels economically using Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Net Asset Value (NAV).


We focus on individual solutions which have been created to meet the demands and requirements of each individual client.

Maintaining powerful chartering services are our one of the main activities in international markets. Our goal is to offer the most competitive rates to our clients while keeping our services at the highest levels of excellence.

Ship Management Services

We provide the cost-effective ship management to shipowners and operators. In doing so, we ensure that the vessels are in operational readiness at all times and comply with all flag state requirements, classification rules, governmental and other environmental regulations and we work together global partners.

We operate all managed vessels in the safest and most proper manner possible, ensuring that all managed vessels operated in shipowners’ requirements.

Technical management is responsible for monitoring the vessels’ condition and all aspects of their performance and operation as the technical management is at the core of our business.

Our close relationships with first-class workshops, local suppliers and marine service providers ensuring that our customers consistently receive reliable and high-quality service.